Saturday September 7

Entry deadline:  August 24


Trosper Archery Club 

2201 S.E. Grand Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK73129



Compound Fingers, Compound Release, Barebow Compound, Recurve, Barebow Recurve

Check in:  7:30 am

Event begins:  9:00 am



1. Archers may only compete in one style.

2. Archers must provide their own bows and target arrows.



1. The “900” American round will be used for all competition.


2. 90 arrows will be shot as follows: 30 arrows from 60 yards (5 ends of 6 arrows), 30 arrows from

50 yards (5 ends of 6 arrows), 30 arrows from 40 yards (5 ends of 6 arrows).


3. Ends will be shot in 1 set of 6 arrows with five minutes allowed for each end to be shot. When

three arrow ends are necessary, each end will consist of one set of three arrows with 2-1/2

minutes allowed for each end to be shot. Three or four archers will be grouped per target

shooting in two lines (A & B). Archers will rotate with their target mates after each end (A-B, BA, etc.)



1. All archery events will be conducted in accordance with NFAA (National Field Archery Association except as modified herein. For a copy of those rules please visit or contact:


National Field Archery Association

800 Archery Lane

Yankton, SD 57078

(605) 260-9279


2. ‘X’ ring hits will be kept on the scorecard by all competitors and will be used as a tiebreaker. If

still tied, the number of ‘10’ ring hits will be used, then ‘9’ ring hits, and so on until the tie is



3. Whistle system: 2 = go to line, 1 = shoot, 3 = advance to score, 4 or more = emergency stop. 


4. Should equipment failure occur, a 30-minute repair time will be allowed with no disruption of the

shooting line. A maximum of two ends may be made up at the discretion of the Director of



5. Field glasses or scopes are permitted for spotting arrow hits. Scopes may be placed on the

shooting line provided they do not disrupt the shooting of the adjacent archer. Scopes shall be

removed from the line between ends if not utilized by the other archer shooting in that space.


6. No broadheads will be permitted.


7. Regulation FITA 122-centimeter (48-inch) five-color target faces will be used. Scoring values

are: Gold (10-9), Red (8-7), Blue (6-5), Black (4-3), White (2-1), 10-ring scoring. At the

discretion of the Director of Shooting, replacement centers may be used to repair a target face

during competition.


8. Dividing lines are part of the higher scoring ring. The arrow shaft must only touch the color or

dividing line between scoring zones to score the high value.


9. Targets will NOT be marked for hits. A witnessed bounce out or pass through will be shot over.

If an arrow countersinks or destroys another arrow in the target and then bounces back, that arrow

shall count the score of the arrow it destroyed.


10. Two archers at each target will keep the double set of scorecards. Scores shall be compared after

each end. If the scorecards do not agree after arrows have been removed from the target, then the

lower score shall be the official score. The winner in each style/age group shall be the archer

scoring the highest number of points in the single 900 round.


11. Archers will not be required to wear white or blue attire, however, they will be expected to wear

clothing appropriate for a state championships event.


12. Barebow Recurve Equipment: Any recurve bow or longbow may be used. Bow sights are not

allowed. Archers may string-walk and/or face-walk in sighting. Both USA Archery and NFAA

Bare bow Recurve rules will be allowed. Arrows must all be the same length and weight.


13. Barebow Compound Equipment: Any compound bow may be used. Bow sights are not allowed.

Archers may string-walk and/or face-walk in sighting. No levels are allowed. Archers may use a

stabilizer and may use a draw check that is either on the bow limbs or under the arrow in the bow

window. Arrows must all be the same length and weight.


14. Compound Bow Equipment: The maximum peak draw weight allowed shall be 80 pounds.

Maximum arrow speed shall be 300 feet per second with a variance of 3%. Lighted sights may be




Sid Read

(405) 570-8024