Racquetball (Age 40+)

Saturday, September 14

Entry Deadline, September 1


Northside YMCA

10000 North Pennsylvania Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73120



Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Check in: 

Singles begin:  

Doubles and Mixed Doubles begin:  



1. Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. An event is considered Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

2.  For this event, players who are ages 40 or over as of December 31, 2018 may participate.  They do not; however, qualify to play in the National Senior Games Championships.

3. Athletes must provide their own racquets.  Balls will be provided

4. Doubles partners must be of the same gender. Mixed doubles will be one male and one female player.

5. The age division of competition for Doubles and Mixed Doubles will be determined by the younger age of the two partners.



2 – 5 players/teams per age group will have round robin play leading into a single elimination tournament.

For all matches the following scoring system will be used.
Play best 2 out of 3 games to 11 points

            Bonus points will be awarded if a player wins game = (3 points)

            Bonus points will be awarded if player wins match   = (7 points)

            Most point per match = 43 points  (Highest Average Wins)

Please check-in 30 minutes prior to every match.

3. Tournament format will be round robin, with as many players as possible advancing to a single elimination tournament.

4.  Awards will be presented for 1st through 3rd for each event within each age division.

5. Tournament Director reserves the right to change the format based on entry numbers, space restriction or other circumstances.



1. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with the United States Racquetball Association rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please visit or contact:

United States Racquetball Association

1685 West Uintah St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80904



2.  Sensed eye-wear designated for racquet sports is mandatory.

3.  If available, utilize the USA Racquetball rankings to assist in the pool seeding.

4.  Follow USA Racquetball standard format of play



1. All finishers placing first through fourth  who are aged 50 and above at the 2018 Oklahoma Senior Games shall qualify for the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2. Athletes must qualify in each racquetball event (singles, doubles, mixed doubles) in which they wish to compete at the 2019 National Senior Games.

3.  Doubles partners who qualify together are not required to play together at the 2019 National Senior Games. All participants must have qualified for the sport in which they intend to participate, with one partner having qualified in the event in which they intend to participate.



Walter Grady