Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities:  

Archery:  Check-in, refreshments

Badminton: Check-in, refreshments

Basketball: Scorekeepers, check-in, refreshments

Bowling: Check-in, score keeping, medals

Cycling: Check-in, refreshments, medals

Golf:  Check-in, score reporting

Golf Croquet:  Check-in, Scorekeepers

Horseshoes: Check-in, refreshments

Pickleball: Check-in, refreshments, scorekeepers

Racquetball: Check-in, refreshments

Race Walk:   Check-in, refreshments, medals, event helpers

Road Races:  Check-in, refreshments, medals

Shuffleboard: Check-in, Scorekeepers

Swimming: Check In, Refreshments, Medals

Table Tennis: Check-in, refreshments

Tennis: Check-in, refreshments

Track and Field: Check-in, field event helpers, timers, refreshments, runners, medals

Celebration of Athletes:  ticket check, general assistance


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